General contractor

For more than 40 years, WIBO Widmer GmbH has been a successful general contractor and total Company in the construction industry in Switzerland. The years of experience and competence as well as the management of our own construction company for more than 35 years are reflected in the planning and realization of new buildings, conversions, and renovation projects in the Zurich area and also in the rest of Switzerland.

As a general contractor we were able to realize many great small and large construction projects from Einfamillienhäusern to apartment blocks, courthouses, churches, schools and also works at the Zurich Central Station.

The ideal general contractor for the builder

The understanding of comprehensive analysis, careful planning and development and sustainable implementation, which has been gained over the years, guarantees adherence to costs, quality and deadlines.

Proven co-operation with municipalities and the city facilitate smooth communication and procedures. As a general contractor, we are a regular successful participant in total competition and investor competitions.

Comprehensive GU Service

Thanks to decades of experience, proven specialists of WIBO Widmer GmbH in the construction and real estate sector, we are able to offer comprehensive general contractor services for the client and to accompany them throughout the entire process. Competent – Economical – cost realistic – and customer.

project development

WIBO Widmer GmbH develops your vision and conceives the idea from your real estate project to the final project. The wishes of the builder are taken into account while we use them cost-efficiently and cost-realistically to achieve an economically, ecologically and socially sustainable planning.

Realignment & Conversion

As a general contractor, we are also your partner for the realignment of your existing property, optimize with you use and place of your property, design a winning conversion or plan with you a replacement new building.

Purchase, sale or increase in value

We are your partner for land and real estate sales or development of an increase in value. As an innovative partner for concept ideas for construction projects, we support you to increase and sell your property optimally. We will meet today's requirements and show you the potential for development. We specialise in renovations, conversions and extensions, but also design an overall project. We would be pleased to refer you to our references and offer you as an interested party also guided tours of our buildings.


WIBO Widmer GmbH supports you in the search for the purchase of a suitable apartment or for investment opportunities in real estate.

Planning & Implementation

The builder is accompanied and advised by us as a general contractor during the project development through the building permit up to the point of readiness as required. Deadline and cost compliance distinguishes us.

  • Analysis, preparation, planning
  • Cost Analysis
  • Visit similar projects
  • Consulting and determination of the Einzonung, planning, design
  • Development of the construction description
  • Consulting and construction management in cooperation with architect, engineer, contractor etc.
  • Consulting and representation of the building owner
  • Implementation and management of negotiations
  • Calculation and advice on financing
  • Development and completion of the construction project
  • Securing Insurance
  • Delivery, Warranty Services

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions, please contact us at 044 810 50 25.

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