real estate management

Our range of services for the optimal management and real estate management of your property covers all areas – from tenant selection through administration to technical maintenance.

We advise you and your tenants in a comprehensive and professional manner. We always take care of cost awareness and sustainable investments to optimize your property and its profitability.

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  • Contact point for tenants, settlement of tenant matters
  • Rental of all objects
  • Review of rents and all contractual ancillary costs and adjustments
  • Provision of security services (custody account)
  • Message about empty Stands
  • Key control (Real estate/tenant/caretaker/general)


  • Representation of the client in all legal matters to tenants, neighbors, offices and authorities
  • Representation before conciliation authorities and courts
  • Initiation of legal action, such as the request for recovery and continuation


  • completion, renewal and termination of insurance and service contracts

Apartment Acceptance

  • Acceptance and handover of rental properties in case of tenant change
  • Creating the appropriate protocols
  • Creating settlements for tenant changes

House Maintenance

  • Creation and monitoring of house rules, washing kitchen regulations and washing plans
  • completion, renewal and termination of house contracts incl. specifications
  • Monitoring and regular inspection of the caretaker service

Management of operating installations

  • Ensuring the monitoring and maintenance of the operation of the elevators, heating, air conditioning, washing kitchens etc.
  • Purchasing of heating Energy

Support, maintenance and repair work

  • Regular inspections of the property to check the overall condition
  • Supervision and control of contracts awarded under the competency sum
  • Recording and execution of claims and insurance cases
  • Preparation and implementation of comprehensive renovations and renovations


  • Collection of rents, incidental costs
  • Dunning
  • Settlement of the security Performance (depot)


  • Checking and payment of invoices
  • Payroll of the House waiting, incl. payroll of Social security contributions (incl. VAT)


  • Carrying out property accounting using HausDataR4
  • Create the annual statement at the end of the payroll period
  • Conducting heating and operating costs accounting
  • Creating heating and operating cost accounting
  • Written report on the financial statements

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