real estate administration

For more than 30 years, we have been the ideal service partner for many property owners, especially in the area of Zurich, Winterthur and the Glatttal, for competent and reliable real estate management . Each property is unique, our services are also and so we coordinate our administration to the individual needs of the customers.

Support and administration

Your property will be looked after completely. We take care of all administrativematters regarding rental, administration and bookkeeping and support of your property. With careful examination, references of the interested parties are clarified, debt collection statements are checked, tenant deposits are managed on blocked accounts in order to identify the best possible tenants. The craftsmen and partners you prefer will be considered for repair work.

Careless delivery of the administration

As a real estateowner you have at any time an insight into your bank-/Postkonto rental account and determine the respective payout amounts.

Advice & Experience

After more than three decades of experience in tenancy law, we are washed with all the water and remain at the same time also always ball with the latest changes and laws. We are your strong representative in the rental of real estate and property to arbitration authorities and fight for your interests.


Our valued long-term clients include private owners, floor owners, cooperatives and companies. We also manage our own real estate and thus never lose sight of your interests in your own cause.

Zürich region

Find the ideal partner for real estate management with WIBO Widmer GmbH in the area of Zürich, Winterthur and in the Glatttal.

Property Management


  • Contact point for tenants, settlement of tenant matters
  • Rental of all objects
  • Review of rents and all contractual ancillary costs and adjustments
  • Provision of security services (custody account)
  • Message about empty Stands
  • Key control (Real estate/tenant/caretaker/general)


  • Representation of the client in all legal matters to tenants, neighbors, offices and authorities
  • Representation before conciliation authorities and courts
  • Initiation of legal action, such as the request for recovery and continuation


  • completion, renewal and termination of insurance and service contracts

Apartment Acceptance

  • Acceptance and handover of rental properties in case of tenant change
  • Creating the appropriate protocols
  • Creating settlements for tenant changes

House Maintenance

  • Creation and monitoring of house rules, washing kitchen regulations and washing plans
  • completion, renewal and termination of house contracts incl. specifications
  • Monitoring and regular inspection of the caretaker service

Management of operating installations

  • Ensuring the monitoring and maintenance of the operation of the elevators, heating, air conditioning, washing kitchens etc.
  • Purchasing of heating Energy

Support, maintenance and repair work

  • Regular inspections of the property to check the overall condition
  • Supervision and control of contracts awarded under the competency sum
  • Recording and execution of claims and insurance cases
  • Preparation and implementation of comprehensive renovations and renovations


  • Collection of rents, incidental costs
  • Dunning
  • Settlement of the security Performance (depot)


  • Checking and payment of invoices
  • Payroll of the House waiting, incl. payroll of Social security contributions (incl. VAT)


  • Carrying out property accounting using HausDataR4
  • Create the annual statement at the end of the payroll period
  • Conducting heating and operating costs accounting
  • Creating heating and operating cost accounting
  • Written report on the financial statements

Do you want to know more?

If you have any questions, please contact us at 044 810 50 25.

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