Property Management

Our many years of experience as well as our expert knowledge in legal matters, a clear accounting system and our negotiating skills form the basis for the competent support of floor owners communities.

  • Convening and management of the floor owners meeting
  • Conduct of the decision-making protocols, the execution and coordination of Community decisions and the submission of the accountability report
  • Representation of the community to the outside
  • Execution of Community decisions
  • Possible creation and monitoring of house Rules
  • Supervision of the house waiting and any cleaning staff and regular control of the doorman work
  • Placing of order for precautionary and necessary repairs and Instandstellungen to qualified craftsmen, entrepreneurs and suppliers; Supervision and control of the orders placed
  • Conclusion of insurance contracts, termination and extension of the scope of coverage, in agreement with the owner community
  • Purchase of heating oil
  • Completion or control of service contracts for installations and facilities which must be maintained and controlled
  • Invoicing and collection of operating cost contributions to be paid
  • Renewal fund contributions incl. management of fund assets
  • Making all payments
  • Accounting for all income and expenses of the owners ' community
  • Create the financial statements and budget


In compliance with the relevant articles of the Civil Code, we develop the necessary foundations for the justification of floor and co-ownership and continue to accompany the certification and registration at the Land Registry office.

More about this:

  • Creation of the reasoning plans based on existing blueprints
  • Creation of value ratio calculation
  • Elaboration of the declaration of reasons for floor ownership/co-ownership
  • Preparation of the use and administrative order
  • Creation of STWE regulations
  • Certification of the floor ownership justification and registration at the Land Registry office

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